Rapper Crashes Dodge Hellcat

Dec 3, 2020 2 min read
Rapper Crashes Dodge Hellcat

He’s accused of injuring someone else in the wreck.

With great power comes great responsibility, at least that’s why Spider-Man was told by Uncle Ben. Sure, you could argue the old man was talking about superpowers, but we think it’s more likely he was referring to muscle cars. If only he’d warned rapper Roddy Ricch about the potential consequences of hot dogging around in a Hellcat, the guy might not be in the tight situation he now faces.

It all started with Roddy Ricch crashing a Dodge Charger Hellcat on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles. Known for his hit song “Box”, the rapper is accused of rear-ending another car. A video posted to Twitter by Hot Freestyle shows front-end damage to a black Charger Hellcat wearing a California front license plate, claiming the car belongs to the rapper, but stating that thankfully the man was “okay.”

Here’s where things get interesting. A new report claims Roddy Ricch is named in a personal injury lawsuit. The claim is that the rapper injured someone in the car he rear-ended on the 101, causing “mental, physical, emotional, and nervous pain, suffering, and distress.”

We don’t know exactly when this accident happened, but the video of the damaged vehicle was posted on Twitter back on June 18, 2019. As you might know, legal proceedings can move at a snail’s pace. Plus, there’s always the potential for someone to learn after the fact the driver of the car involved in the accident is loaded, which changes everything.

The claim is that Roddy Ricch was driving “at an unsafe speed and distance, failed to stop his vehicle” which caused the accident. Instead of just going for the cost of repairs to their vehicle, the plaintiff wants medical and hospital fees covered, plus incidental costs along with past and future earnings lost, as well as legal fees. The rapper has requested the case be thrown out, saying the other driver was negligent.

Honestly, we don’t know Roddy Ricch from Cardi B, but here’s to hoping a favorable outcome for everyone is arrived at in the near future.

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