Hellcat Driver Loses Control Showing Off For Crowd

Dec 24, 2021 2 min read
Hellcat Driver Loses Control Showing Off For Crowd

At least he didn’t plow into the crowd…

We see videos of drivers trying to show off and causing accidents all the time. And while people try to blame all of these incidents on Mustangs, this kind of stupidity seems to know no brand loyalty. Doing a burnout can be dangerous, even if it’s in a parking lot, especially if you’re not an experienced driver and you have a moderately-powered, rear-wheel-drive car. That certainly seems to be the case with this Dodge Challenger Hellcat which tried to impress a crowd not too long ago.

A video posted on Reddit in WinStupidPrizes shows the Mopar driver doing a small burnout just after an intersection on a four-lane road. On the same side of the road stands a crowd of people watching, so this might have been a car meet, but that info as well as the location weren’t provided.

As you already know, the Hellcat driver loses control but thankfully doesn’t plow into the crowd, which has a number of small children in it. However, he does overcorrect and hits the skinny median, jumping over it and into oncoming traffic, missing the only car in the opposing lanes at that moment. That could’ve been so much worse.

Then the Dodge driver finally regains control of his muscle car and crosses back onto the right side of the road. By that time you can hear a police siren in the background, then an officer speeds by the crowd to pull the Hellcat driver over. If he wasn’t arrested, the guy’s lucky, but we can almost guarantee his Mopar was impounded.

Like we said before, this could’ve been so much worse. The guy could’ve plowed into the crowd on the side of the road and seriously hurt or killed several people. He easily could’ve hit the other car or ran right into thick opposing traffic, but thankfully there was none in that moment. Let this be a lesson to everyone to keep this kind of behavior off public roads.

Doing burnouts and acting like you’re driving a mustang from WinStupidPrizes
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