Florida Man Crashes Dodge Charger Into Residential Garage

Jan 29, 2022 2 min read
Florida Man Crashes Dodge Charger Into Residential Garage

Another weird story out of America’s favorite peninsula.

Florida man has quite the reputation for doing crazy, stupid things, including with muscle cars. That’s certainly the case when a Florida man crashed a Dodge Charger at speed into a residential garage in Oakleaf, then fled the scene of the accident, twice. Now the homeowner is facing some big repairs and wondering how someone could be so heartless.

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image credit: YouTube

A neighbor’s outdoor surveillance camera showed the whole scene unfold in monochromatic, fuzzy glory. The blurry Mopar speeds along the street, crosses into a yard, and rams through the garage door before coming to a stop. A man jumps out and runs away, then turns around and runs back, retrieves something from the car, then runs again. Unfortunately, the video isn’t in 4K, so identifying the guy is going to be a little bit more difficult.

The woman who was alone in the house at the time of the crash thought what she heard at first was an accident in the street. Little did she know that not only had the car hit her vehicle in the garage, it crashed through the garage wall and damaged the front of her house as well. How she didn’t feel the impact is a mystery. Plus, the Charger was still in gear and smoking and it had crushed a generator in the garage, leaking fuel on the ground. Fortunately, a fire didn’t start but it certainly could have.

The husband, who was away on business at the time, is angry the driver didn’t see if anyone was hurt before taking off.

In a shock to absolutely nobody, the crashed Dodge Charger turned out to be stolen. The local news said the owner of the car is sorry about the damages but of course isn’t going to pay for them since their Charger was stolen. They no doubt have a long list of repairs for the muscle car.

Source: News4Jax

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