Pontiac Museum Could Open In Pontiac, Michigan

Apr 1, 2021 2 min read
Pontiac Museum Could Open In Pontiac, Michigan

And you can help…

A man has a vision to open a museum dedicated to the Pontiac brand in Pontiac, Michigan and thinks it could benefit the local economy. Quite a few enthusiasts still believe GM should’ve kept Pontiac around or at least brought it back after coming out of bankruptcy. After all, Buick isn’t doing anything exciting these days. That kind of dedication to the defunct brand could help fuel interest and tourism if Tim Dye’s effort to establish the Pontiac Transportation Museum in an old grade school just west of Pontiac, Michigan takes off.

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In an interview with The Detroit Free Press, Dye said he already has 55 cars in the new museum. Of those, 12 are his vehicles. He has another 8 Pontiacs in his collection, plus the man claims to have the largest collection of Pontiac literature in the world. He’s taken it upon himself to keep the memory of Pontiac going after GM snuffed out the brand.

The Pontiac Transportation Museum hasn’t opened to the public yet. And this is where Dye really needs help, because the building needs some serious renovation work. The man is looking to raise $1 million and has been struggling to meet that goal. With the Motor Bella outdoor auto show being held in September, he hopes soliciting donations there will get him a good portion of the way to the final amount.

If all goes well, Dye predicts the museum could draw about 50,000 visitors each year. That would make quite the impact on the struggling local economy. With that kind of a vision, you might think the man is a Michigan native, but he actually lives in Oklahoma. He’s also not rich, having retired after working in a printing plant most of his adult life. Dye is just a big Pontiac nut and he knows locating the museum in Pontiac, Michigan is more than just a good gimmick.

To learn more about the museum and/or to make a donation, you can visit the website at www.pontiactransportationmuseum.org.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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