It's An Old School Vs Modern Muscle Car Showdown

Sep 24, 2021 2 min read
It's An Old School Vs Modern Muscle Car Showdown

These crazy classic cars go head to head with the best of modern muscle to prove their place on the drag strip.

In today's high horsepower world of muscle and pony cars, there is quite a lot of competition from the modern monsters of mayhem we all know and love today. Since the beginning of the second muscle car revolution,quarter-mile times have been dropping to lower and lower standards. However, this insane performance didn't come overnight or in the lab alone. These cars were built over the last few decades, from the higher drag strip times of the 1970s to some of the fastest Mopars, Fords, and GM vehicles the world has ever seen.

Classic cars especially were marvels of engineering in their times, just as the modern muscle cars are today. Many older enthusiasts still possess the classic cars, which represented the epitome of freedom for the generation for which they were created. It didn't take long for these beautiful machines to become the top dogs on the drag strip. Mainly the winning car consisted of the Mopar lineup because of the superior design at the time. To this day, classic cars such as the Challenger, Charger, Chevelle, and classic Mustangs are still a prominent force at any NHRA event.

As impressive as the older cars were, the younger crowd of automotive enthusiasts tends to focus more on speed than the car's history. This has led many modern muscle cars to go head to head with some of the best vehicles from the old days. One particularly extreme example was that of one 2018 Dodge Demon who raced against a 1970s Plymouth Duster, the sister car of the original Demon in 1970. Obviously, the 17-second quarter-mile didn't stand a chance against the new Demon's 9.6-second pass. However, most of these older cars have been heavily modified to tango with the best. This was the case with one modded Chevy Nova who blew away a late model Camaro with an 11.6-second quarter-mile time.

Overall the consensus one could derive from watching the beast of old battle with their modern counterparts is that, as technology progresses, it will always be up to the owner to build their car. For a current muscle car, the question maybe if the driver can handle the car or if the manufacturer made it right. But for the old schoolboys, it's all about the work that goes into the race.

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