Up To $1 Million In Cars Stolen From Dealership

Sep 24, 2021 2 min read
Up To $1 Million In Cars Stolen From Dealership

This was not a job pulled off by amateurs…

Police in Wexford, Pennsylvania are astounded after up to $1 million in Bentleys were stolen. The chief of police is calling the thieves professional criminals. They were able to swipe 6 Bentleys from a dealership in the Pittsburg suburb using smooth coordination, something amateur thieves could not have pulled off. This all went down early in the morning of September 16.

See why someone gifted a classic Bentley to a man here.

How this crime started might seem odd at first, but it makes sense once you see what they were thinking. These thieves began across the street from the Bentley dealership at an Enterprise car rental lot. They didn’t bother trying to swipe Hyundais or Subarus, but instead took the license plates off those rental cars. Then they put those plates on the Bentleys they stole, helping them to drive away without raising suspicion from any police who might have seen them on the road.

Many criminals are dumb and just drive off with new cars from dealerships without any license plate present. That can lead to their getting pulled over or a chase, which likely means they’re caught and thrown in jail. These guys thought of that in advance and planned ahead by using plates which couldn’t be traced to them if things went sideways.

Next, the thieves “manipulated” the key lock box attached to each of the Bentleys. How they knew to do that isn’t clear, but it would take someone quite knowledgeable and practiced to pull that off. That meant leaving little to no damage on the luxury cars, although three damaged Bentleys the thieves likely failed to take were left in the dealer lot.

Now police believe the Bentleys are no longer in Pennsylvania. One car was already found abandoned in West Virginia, but nobody is saying why that might have been. The chief did say he can’t remember such a pricey car theft operation ever having been conducted in his entire career. There are zero suspects, but an investigation is ongoing.

Source: WPXI

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