This Is Why There Is So Much Hate Out There For Dodge Drivers

Feb 9, 2021 2 min read
This Is Why There Is So Much Hate Out There For Dodge Drivers

As a Dodge muscle car owner, I'm begging people to stop causing trouble in their Chargers and Challengers!

Insurance fraud cases may have prompted the creation of the dash cam but one of the biggest benefits of installing one of these awesome little devices has to be the fact that you can capture all of the stupidity out on the road. Besides being helpful in determining and proving fault, it’s also highly entertaining and can be educational. So much so that many YouTube channels have dedicated hours and hours to the subject and developed a following that seemingly can’t get enough.

Need more proof that Dodges inspire chaos? Check out the wildest police chase we've ever seen here.

Though not for the purpose of entertainment, Tesla has taken the dash cam game to a whole new level with the eight camera system from the Model 3. In addition to being a good safety device for the car and its occupants, this system allows the cars semi-autonomous features to function and, like all dash cams, can potentially provide hours of endless entertainment. Given the stupidity of the other drivers on the road of course.

The Wham Baam Teslacam YouTube channel is dedicated to posting videos taken via Tesla’s dash cam and Sentry Cam systems and submitted by Tesla drivers for “educational purposes.” Though the narration may come off as a bit dry to some, the channel does manage to get some interesting videos, the most shocking of which kicks off episode #48 that premiered on January 31, 2021.

As seen in the video a Tesla Model 3 is passing a patch of slow drivers on a busy freeway when a Dodge Challenger gives chase but gets stuck behind one of the slow moving cars. Moments later we get a glimpse of the Challenger aggressively swinging out and around the Tesla before shooting to the right hand lane to pass another car. Finally making his move on the Model 3, the Dodge jumps into the Tesla's neighboring lane, though the driver clearly didn’t see the nearly stopped car already occupying it. The collision was enough to lift the front of the Challenger and the back of the other car off the ground and send them both into the wall.

We do hope that everyone survived the crash and that the offending driver learns a lesson and stops giving Dodge drivers everywhere a bad name.

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