Sounds pretty apocalyptic…

A Tesla Model 3 driving at over 100 mph in Corvallis, Oregon recently crashed late at night. The heavy sedan sheared a power pole at its base, according to police. It also knocked over two trees instead of saving them, plus took out a telephone junction box. That wasn’t even close to the end of the carnage as the electric car ripped open and flung batteries like shrapnel.

photo credit: City of Corvallis Police Department

Two of the batteries thrown clear of the wreck broke through windows in nearby houses. One landed on a person’s lap. The other hit a bed and caught the bedding on fire. Police didn’t mention anything about burns or other injuries, so it appears everyone was extremely lucky.

It wasn’t just the batteries which posed a risk from the crash. One of the wheels went flying off the Tesla and hit the side of an apartment complex. The impact ruptured water pipes in a bathroom, which then flooded the apartment below.

As for the driver of the Model 3, he jumped out of the car and fled on foot from police responding to the scene. Officers located him about 3 blocks away and he was taken to a nearby hospital with some minor injuries, so you could say even with all the carnage the EV protected the driver quite well, although from the photos it looks like had there been any passengers they wouldn’t have fared so well.

photo credit: City of Corvallis Police Department

Police had the driver tested for substances and it was determined he had been driving while impaired by marijuana. He was cited for DUI – Drugs, Hit and Run, Criminal Mischief 2, Reckless Driving, and Reckless Endangering. In other words, they pretty much threw the book at the guy.

We cover a wide range of car accidents, especially of collectable vehicles. With some feeling we leave out electric cars too much, we’ve decided to cover this accident. Part of the reason is the fact it’s horrific on several levels with flying batteries catching a bed on fire, etc. so we thought our readers would want to know about it.