Artist Imagines Mid-Engine Dodge Charger

Jan 27, 2021 1 min read
Artist Imagines Mid-Engine Dodge Charger

Hey, it has two doors!

We pretty regularly feature artist renderings of classic and modern muscle cars for your viewing enjoyment. Some of these works of art are a little on the whacky side, while others are cool and pretty realistic. Then there are the cool, whacky renders like this one of a Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody with a mid-engine layout.

Already, we’ve seen artists take their stab at a mid-engine Mustang Terminator, 1970 Pontiac Firebird, and even a Chevy Corvair with the C8 Corvette’s engine mid-mounted. We think this trend of making mid-engine versions of American performance cars was inspired by the C8, which has opened a lot of minds to the possibilities.

First off, a lot of people are going to be happy this modern Dodge Charger loses the rear doors, making it a two-door car. However, that shorter front hood since there’s no engine under it isn’t going to make everyone jump for joy, because it also really changes the look of the car as the front wheel is pushed closer to the corner. In fact, some of you might be getting some Audi R8 vibes here.

What’s more, the artist blended the widebody kit into the rest of the car and added some interesting front fender grilles. You’ll note there are also big air intakes on the sides just in front of the rear wheels to feed the V8.

Unfortunately, this rendering is only from one angle, so we don’t see how the artist imagines the engine would fit or what the back end would look like. However, from what we’re seeing it looks surprisingly good. We can imagine such a creation would perform amazingly well, especially after seeing what the new C8 Corvette can do.

What do you think of this rendering? Should Dodge get serious about making a mid-engine car?

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