This Mercedes Lowrider Truck Is Ridiculous

Aug 11, 2021 2 min read
This Mercedes Lowrider Truck Is Ridiculous

We thought we’d seen it all, then we saw this…

Oh the Finns, those Scandinavians most Americans know little about. They constantly blow us away with the crazy, wild car culture in such a frozen wasteland, the last place you’d expect American muscle cars to be popular. They’re also into lowriders in Finland, and one man has built the largest tribute to the culture: A 75-foot Mercedes Actros 2663 lowrider semi-truck.

Image credit: YouTube

To say this truck is loaded with customizations is stating the obvious. There are murals of celebrities and other icons on the cab and two tankers. Custom fabricated stainless steel hardware abounds. The owner has also added all kinds of lighting to really dress this ride up for nighttime rides.  What’s incredible is nothing in the customizations is an off-the-shelf product but instead had to be made by hand. Now that’s dedication!

Speaking of time put in, according to the owner the paint job took about 2,500 working hours to complete. The guy must drive it carefully, because to scuff any part of the Mercedes would be a true shame.

Image credit: YouTube

You can’t exactly slam a semi and two tankers to the ground for a number of reasons. Instead of attempting that, the owner installed custom ground effects like side skirts on the tankers and a low-hanging front apron on the cab. They’re just inches from the ground, but at least this lowrider can roll over speedbumps and whatever else it needs without problems.

Perhaps what’s most amazing about this lowrider Mercedes truck is it’s a daily driver. The guy who owns it has a trucking company and uses the Actros 2663 to deliver industrial powders to local businesses. That puts some extra stress on everyone when pulling the truck in to load or unload, because one wrong move could be costly. Apparently everyone really respects this lowrider, so it receives exceptional care as it goes about its job.

What do you think: is decking out a working semi-truck like this a bad idea? Or is this a completely awesome build? Let us know in the comments.

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