This might not end well...

Comedian Kevin Hart has purchased a nice Buick GNX to add to his garage, and it looks fantastic. As the ultimate send-off for the Buick Grand National back in 1987, it is the ultimate 80s performance vehicle for many. And while plenty of car enthusiasts have laughed at Kevin Hart’s comedy routine while also squirming at the thought of him driving anything collectable, especially something as rare as a GNX.

Check out a retro review of the Buick GNX here.

Keep in mind, Buick only built 547 GNX cars, with McLaren Engines and ASC Incorporated helping to put a special touch on each one. While some have tried to make convincing GNX clones from more run-of-the-mill Buicks, Hart claims his is a factory original. That means it’s worth a small fortune, so we genuinely hope the man treats it with tender loving care, otherwise the world might be down a GNX.

Of course, the most famous car-related incident involving Hart was when he plunged off the side of a highway and down a mountainside in Menace, a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda restomod. The car, which was heavily modified by SpeedKore, ended up on its roof, with Hart and his wife’s trainer’s fiance (who was driving at the time) seriously injured in the crash. Since then, many people still haven’t understood Hart wasn’t driving the restomod muscle car, fearing he would wreck more vehicles in the future.

Since the accident, the actor and comedian has added several collectable cars to his already impressive garage. He at one time expressed interest in buying a Lamborghini, but later ended up with a Ferrari 488 Pista. The man submitted the winning bid for a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette restomod as it crossed the auction block back in April. He also purchased a 1970 Dodge Charger restomod called Hellraiser, which was built by SpeedKore.

People were understandably upset back in February of this year when Hart was spotted by multiple drivers on Highway 405 in California driving his classic Ford Mustang while distracted. The comedian and actor was photographed texting and talking while holding his phone and driving the pony car. Some witnesses described how he drove erratically as well.

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