We sure hope this car stays in one piece…

When it comes to Kevin Hart and cars, let’s just say the 41-year-old comedian doesn’t exactly have a stellar record. After all, the guy owned a heavily-modified 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda named Menace, but then was involved in a horrific accident with the car, although he wasn’t driving. However, Menace, which was built by SpeedKore, didn’t make it.

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More recently, Hart was photographed driving his classic Ford Mustang while seemingly texting and talking on the phone while driving. Since he lives in California, just holding his phone in his hand while driving is against the law. Witnesses claim the man was driving erratically, weaving around in traffic and changing his speed wildly, leaving many people wondering if he learned his lesson with the near brush of death in Menace.

And there are other vehicle-related incidents in Hart’s past, leading some to wonder if the man should be driving anything very powerful and that doesn’t have a full suite of driver assistance technologies. In light of all that, the revelation that he recently purchased a Ferrari 488 Pista is concerning.

What you should know is this is far from Hart’s first Ferrari. The comedian, who at one vanishing point would fill stadiums for his shows, owns a few stallions from Maranello. In his garage(s) is a Ferrari 458 Spyder, two Ferrari 488 GTBs, and a Ferrari 488. That’s just a small slice of the impressive array of cars the man owns.

To be fair, he hasn’t wrecked other cars in glorious fashion like what happened with Menace. And he wasn’t driving the ‘Cuda, so there’s that. But we’re still concerned about Hart’s well-being after his escapade in the Mustang recently. Hopefully the man is careful with his many powerful rides, because cars like these can really bite you if you aren’t careful, something he should definitely know by now.

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