Mad Max Buick GNX Is Ready For Thunderdome

Aug 9, 2021 2 min read
Mad Max Buick GNX Is Ready For Thunderdome

Would you rumble with this Buick?

We’ve seen way too many classic American performance cars bagged and given the massive widebody treatment along with JDM styling treatments, so this rendering of a Buick GNX done in Mad Max style is refreshing. Maybe it’s not your thing and that’s ok, but what graphic designer and Instagram users jlord8 has done here is far more interesting than so many other car renderings floating around on the social media platform.

Check out a retro review of the Buick GNX here.

Obviously given some styling inspired by Mad Max’s Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe, the hero car driven by Mel Gibson’s character at the end of Mad Max and through the first half of Mad Max 2: Road Warrior. Like the V8 Interceptor, this Buick GNX has protective headlight covers, a massive blower coming out of the hood, plus a split trunk-lip spoiler. The Main Force Patrol shields on the doors identifies it as the weakening arm of the law in the Land Down Under.

Just like how Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor starts out pristine, the first rendering of this Buick GNX looks spotless. The second one portrays it as dirty, although it’s not as chopped-up as Mad Max’s vehicle was after he traversed the wasteland. Removing the front bumper and trunk lid like in the second movie would’ve been an interesting move.

image credit: Instagram

Overall, this is an interesting way to play with different looks for an 80s classic nobody in their right mind would ever consider doing in real life. With just 547 made, the GNX was special before it was even released for the 1987 model year. Most are impeccably maintained in as close to factory condition as possible as the ultimate Regal from Hell.

This is where the value of digital car renderings really come into play. We can play with different looks which aren’t practical to do in real life. In this case it’s just for fun – nobody will ever make these modifications. But for other cars it’s a great way to try looks before buying parts and hacking into sheet metal.

What do you think of the Mad Max Buick GNX? Are there other cars you’d like to see get the Mad Max treatment?

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