Modified Silverado Boasts Big Power From A Ridiculous Engine

Aug 26, 2021 1 min read
Modified Silverado Boasts Big Power From A Ridiculous Engine

LSA power moves this Chevy truck!

The idea of a sport truck might be lost on some people who are less equated with the car community. This is for a relatively good reason. While sports cars usually find their sweet spot when the hp/torque ratio is square, trucks have always been far more comfortable with the scales tipped heavily in the favor of torque. However, some have set out to rectify this disability in the truck world. This brings forth the idea of a race truck. With high horsepower, stiffer suspension, and gigantic tires, these incredible machines make for a ridiculously fun driving experience. This build is no exception as it combines the best pieces of a sports car with the rigidity, strength, and utility of a truck.

Under the hood is the 6.2-liter Chevrolet B-15 V8 engine which produces 473 horsepower stock. Combined with this mad man’s vision of an LSA supercharger, the monstrous motor is pushing out 730 horsepower. All of that power is sent to a set of 35-inch tires which have no problem spinning and smoking as this truck rips through the streets. Of course, this vehicle is designed to take on the tight turns, hard acceleration, and big jumps of races such as the Baja course.

The interior has also been converted into the owner’s vision with the introduction of Sparco Rev seats. This race aesthetic is better complimented by the roll cage accompanying the interior. Most of the dash is original however the radio has been replaced with something a bit more modern.

As this insane race truck makes its way down the road, you can hear the supercharger screaming for more. The tires regularly slip and begin to smoke while accelerating to high speeds. Just like any +700 horsepower vehicle, this thing can be heard long before it is seen as the deep and throaty growl from the exhaust is accented by the whine of a huge blower. This is an awesome truck and we hope to see it again punching through dunes and accelerating through long straights soon.

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