Detroit Woman Drags Car Thief By His Hair

Jul 20, 2021 2 min read
Detroit Woman Drags Car Thief By His Hair

Actions have consequences…

A woman in Detroit had her Mercedes-Benz stolen but didn’t take the theft sitting down. Instead, she tracked down the alleged thief and took matters into her own hands to get the car back. The whole thing ended with Chambers dragging a man by his dreadlocks from a barber shop, an incident which was livestreamed and has people not only laughing but calling it justice.

Watch car thieves crash a stolen C8 Corvette here.

Chambers tried to do things the “right way” at first when her Mercedes went missing. She posted about the car on social media and reported the theft to police. Lucky for her she was able to pinpoint its location through the help of other people on social media. However, each time she had a location for the luxury car and called police, she said they showed up too late.

image credit: YouTube

That’s when Chambers decided to do something before the Mercedes was gone forever. After 3 days of calling the police, she found it sitting in a parking lot with nobody inside. That’s when she slashed all 4 tires on her own car so the man couldn’t get away. She entered a barber shop to confront the thief. The man denied doing anything wrong and that’s when Chambers dragged him out of the barber shop by his dreadlocks.

We know a lot of car theft victims would like to do something similar to the person who victimized them, and it’s understandable why. Having your car stolen is insulting, feels violating, and creates a mess of problems with the insurance company. What’s worse is knowing the whole mess was made by someone acting like a selfish child.

image credit: YouTube

Thankfully, Chambers car not only was in one piece when she got it back, it was also quite clean. The man apparently had it detailed not long before, likely to impress whomever he was showing the luxury vehicle off to, likely passing it off as his. Hopefully he’s facing some serious consequences which will make him think twice about stealing again.

Sources: Fox 2 Detroit, Click On Detroit

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