Thieves Steal Atlanta Mayoral Candidate’s Mercedes

May 27, 2021 2 min read
Thieves Steal Atlanta Mayoral Candidate’s Mercedes

The city council member who voted to defund the police was standing right outside the car when it happened…

Antonio Brown, who wants to become the next mayor of Atlanta, received a tough firsthand lesson on the effects of crime when his Mercedes-Benz coupe was stolen by thieves as he stood just outside the car. The city council member was on Verbana Street in Dixie Hills when the crime took place as he spoke with a local community leader on the side of the road. That’s when the thieves reportedly jumped in the German car and sped off.

Ludacris had his car stolen in a similar fashion, which you can read about here. And so did another rapper, also in Atlanta, just this past week, which you can learn more about here.

Before you jump to conclusions, Brown didn’t leave his keys in the ignition. Since it’s a newer Mercedes-Benz, it has keyless ignition. The man presumably had removed the key from the car, but was standing close enough it would start. We’ve seen these types of thefts at an alarming rate, especially at gas stations.

The irony that Brown, who as a member of the City Council voted to defund the Atlanta Police Department, was the victim of a crime hasn’t been lost.

According to Brown, 4 kids who were at the oldest 12 were the culprits. Trying to open the door, Brown said he was dragged about half a block before letting go of the handle.

After Brown filed a police report, Atlanta officers found his car. There was no mention of any arrests being made or if the Mercedes-Benz was damaged. Brown told local journalists he doesn’t want to press charges.

"The reality is this: We need programmatic initiatives in place to help support these kids to be able to give them another pathway instead of them of them committing crimes," Brown said.

Brown has had his own brushes with the law. A federal grand jury indicted him on multiple counts of fraud in July of 2020. He faced allegations of lying about his income for loan and credit card applications. One of those loans included in the indictment was for a Mercedes-Benz C300, which quite possibly is the car which was reportedly stolen.

What’s more, Brown was accused by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of lying about being the victim of identity theft in an attempt to defraud lenders. According to reports, the alleged crimes took place well before Brown became a member of the City Council back in 2019.

Sources: Fox 5 Atlanta, Granthshala News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The United States Attorney’s Office

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