Chevy Teases The C8 Corvette Z06

Jul 20, 2021 1 min read
Chevy Teases The C8 Corvette Z06

Are you excited?

Chevrolet caused a bit of a stir when it dropped a video on YouTube teasing the much-awaited C8 Corvette Z06. There’s been considerable speculation about the hotter version of the C8, including what kind of powertrain it’s packing and when it will be released. This revelation from Chevrolet does confirm a few things while leaving other items uncertain.

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First off, we get official confirmation the first model year for the C8 Z06 will be 2023, like we reported before. The rumor was before the Z06 would launch for 2022, which just goes to show a lot of the rumors which get published across the internet are often bogus.

In the video, we get video mounted to the front of a C8 Z06 as it speeds down a racetrack. That distinct flat-plane crank V8 sound is prominent, confirming that is the engine design, which we’ve heard repeatedly for a while. That’s great news, especially considering Ford iced the Voodoo when it unceremoniously killed the modern Shelby GT350. Life is definitely better with an American flat-plane crank V8 on the market.

The final thing we learn from the tease is that the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will be revealed sometime this fall. GM hasn’t issued an official reveal date, but we’ll definitely be tuning in for that one. We just hope there isn’t too much yammering by executives before they unveil the car and that they don’t go with some weird, gimmicky theme like automakers do with far too many reveal events.

That means we’ll learn the targeted release date of the C8 Z06 in the fall as well as official specs and other interesting info. No doubt, this car will be a modern collectible, considering C8 Corvettes have been incredibly hot items since they were released 2 years ago.

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