Custom 1972 Chevelle SS Stolen In Alabama

Jul 20, 2021 2 min read
Custom 1972 Chevelle SS Stolen In Alabama

Keep your eyes peeled for this unique car…

Marvin Day, the owner of Saltwater Mafia in Mobile, Alabama had his custom 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS stolen from his home recently. The muscle car, which Day had poured $60,000 into to make it just the way he liked, was stolen in broad daylight. What’s more, the thief or thieves knew about his surveillance cameras, which they disabled without being recorded, making it obvious this heist wasn’t pulled off by some amateurs.

Dodge has promised a security update for its newer muscle cars. We dig into why it hasn't been released yet here.

Day bought the car a year ago because his wife was born in 1972, so it was a fitting tribute to the woman he loves. He swapped out the factory 454 for a 572ci V8 crate engine. The man put in many other custom touches which he didn’t get into, but the paint and wheels alone should make this muscle car distinct.

Whoever stole the car knew where Day’s cameras were positioned on his house. They came through the woods behind his house in a direction where they wouldn’t be recorded, then turned the cameras so they could cut the internet service cable, stopping any recording. Then they kicked in the backdoor and ransacked the house, taking several items before ultimately leaving with the car.

photo credit: Facebook

The blue ’72 Chevelle was parked under a carport at the end of Day’s driveway. Skid marks were left on the cement, which might indicate the car was dragged from its spot, possibly onto a wrecker. The other possibility is the thieves laid down some rubber while hot dogging it out of the driveway. Either way, they made some noise, so someone had to have noticed.

We absolutely abhor car thieves as we’re sure you do, considering they’re like modern day horse thieves. What’s especially horrifying to us is the criminals who target people’s collectible cars which are kept at their house. While a commuter can be replaced with only a degree of difficulty, replacing something which you’ve customized just so is far more difficult, but these thugs don’t care.

If you know anything about what happened to Day’s blue 1972 Chevelle SS, please pass that information on to the authorities. Also, spread this story around so other people know about this muscle car. The man deserves to get his ride back instead of having criminals profit off his loss.

Source: NBC 15 News

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