Chevy Advanced Design Trucks Abandoned

Oct 7, 2021 2 min read
Chevy Advanced Design Trucks Abandoned

Which one of these classics would you rescue?

It’s always curious to see how some people treat classic cars and trucks, especially since many enthusiasts would consider their actions abandonment. That’s probably how a lot of people feel about seeing these Chevy Advanced Design Trucks just sitting in the woods. They all wear a thick patina after having sat outside for half a century, and while some people think that looks cool, the fact they have just been left to essentially rot is also disturbing.

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The old joke is that the guy who has a bunch of classic cars sitting around his property which obviously haven’t been moved in years won’t sell any because supposedly he’s going to fix them up. After a certain point anyone honest with themselves would admit for whatever set of reasons they won’t be getting around to getting the cars they’ve been using as strange yard decorations up and running. That might be a tough pill to swallow, just like other hoarders who have to admit all the old newspapers they carefully gathered have no real value.

For many Chevy enthusiasts, the Advanced Design Trucks are fascinating. Made from 1947 to 1955, the body style of these pickups is unique, providing consumers in post-WWII America with sleeker and more powerful trucks.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at these abandoned Advanced Design Trucks, but many of them were painted with vibrant colors like juniper Green or Transport Blue. Having beat the Nazis and Imperial Japan in a horrific worldwide conflict, combined with a surging economy, many Americas were feeling quite optimistic about the future. That attitude was reflected in car and truck designs of the time.

Having been mainstays in many cities and rural communities across the country for some time, there are a lot of nostalgic feelings about these trucks. That’s why GM has tried recapturing the magic with the SSR and HHR, although many would argue both were flops in their own ways.

Check out the video to see these trucks and learn about their condition after sitting in the woods for 50 years.

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