1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda With Healthy Patina Expected To Auction For $1,000,000

Jun 25, 2020 2 min read
1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda With Healthy Patina Expected To Auction For $1,000,000

Yes, this old Mopar is really anticipated to sell for that much.

When you think of a million dollar car, you’re likely picturing something in pristine condition. And while we’ve seen some rare Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari models in less-than-perfect shape fetch big bucks, in general muscle cars usually don’t net anywhere near that kind of cash, even when they’ve been subjected to a concours restoration. However, this 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda convertible isn’t just any muscle car.

Photo credit: Mecum

For starters, Plymouth only made 17 V-Code 440 6bbl ‘Cuda convertibles for the 1971 model year, and as you’ve already guessed this is one of them. Thanks to the high cost of ownership for these types of models, coupled with the reduced torsional rigidity inherent with the convertible’s design, not a lot of people opted for a car like this.

Photo credit: Mecum

But wait, that’s not all when it comes to scarcity. This ‘Cuda was an export model, or it was built specifically to be shipped outside of the United States. For 1971, only two export cars with these specifications were made. In other words, this is one hot collectible.

Photo credit: Mecum

If you’ve been following trends in the classic car market, you know survivors or unrestored examples are highly coveted these days. It used to be everyone wanted a vehicle that had gone through a thorough, rotisserie, frame-off restoration. Some still do, but many value getting a car which still has its original paint, patina and all, just like this ‘Cuda. It was locked away in a storage container for 35 years. What you see are all the original body panels.

Photo credit: Mecum

That’s not to say nothing has been done to refresh this old Moparhero. It’s drivable, thanks to the mechanicals and drivetrain having been reworked several years ago, once the car was rescued from its storage container coffin.

Many big names in the industry lust after exceptionally rare survivor cars like this one. A main attraction at the Indy 2020 auction, Mecum anticipates it will fetch between $500,000 and $700,000 once it crosses the block. However, there’s some chatter that the price could push to over $1,000,000. In other words, this is a car to watch next month once the bidding starts.

Check out the listing yourself here.

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