This garage built Mustang boasts a potent blower and big power.

The first-generation Ford Mustang has been used in every build, from restored highway cruisers to fully built customized hotrods. This pension for all things aftermarket comes from the incredible abundance of the Ford Mustang, which sold over a million cars in its first year. Of course, that made the 1964-1969 Mustang the perfect candidate for budget builds because of its easy access, low cost, and high parts availability. As far as classic cars go, the Ford Mustang is, by far, the most versatile, which is proudly represented by this example of one of America’s favorite pony cars.

Under the hood Of this monstrous Mustang is a 302 ci V8, which has been stroked out to 347ci. Sucking air into the engine is the custom CSU carburetor and a centrifugal supercharger which helps the car produce an impressive 650 horsepower. The suspension is entirely stock on the front end, and stopping power is made possible by four-wheel disc brakes. The transmission is a slightly built C4 automatic transmission that transfers power to the Weld racing wheels. Many choose to save their money and get someone else to develop their car for them. However, this guy decided to jump the gun and build this ‘Stang from the ground up in his garage.

This passion has produced a car that runs 11 second quarter mile passes and looks good doing it with just a fraction of the cost of a complete build. This Mustang began as little more than a stock 302 and has slowly transformed into something unique without any interruptions. A violent roar can be heard from miles away when this car is accelerating at full throttle. This classic home-built Mustang perfectly describes what it means to be a master of your craft. It is so incredible that this guy is taking the initiative to build his dreams from the ground up, and we hope to see more of it in the future.

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