Check Out These Pontiac Field Finds

Nov 27, 2020 1 min read
Check Out These Pontiac Field Finds

Which car would you rescue?

Just as compelling as the fabled and much talked-about barn find cars, field finds are simultaneously sad and interesting to see. The negative is obvious since in any climate a vehicle left to sit in an open field unprotected for years or even decades doesn’t age well. In fact, they often fare far worse than barn finds, but they achieve that weathered patinaso many just love.

On the positive side, people pay big bucks for the naturally-achieved patina versus some contrived airbrushed copy. Also, it’s fascinating to see what kind of condition these abandoned cars are in, considering you wouldn’t expect them to be in good repair. Like barn finds, these field finds have that fascination similar to buried treasure, a vehicle which has been neglected but is still worth a bundle.

In the video included with this article, YouTube account Penny’s Hot Rods & Customs shows off 5 different Pontiacs left in a field for more than 2 decades. Any car wouldn’t fare to well after sitting in the open for so long, but classics like these which probably already had some issues age with even less grace.

Before you get excited, none of these are muscle cars. Sorry to disappoint, because Pontiac made some great muscle cars like the GTO, but those things are far too valuable to abuse in this way, so we’re actually glad there’s nothing like that. Instead, the 5 cars include a couple of Parisiennes and a Laurentain, a mid-range Canadian mode you might not be familiar with.

At least to us, there’s nothing overwhelmingly incredible about these Pontiacs, but we recognize to others they could be invaluable treasures. How do you feel about the vehicles in the video? Is there one you’d rescue, or do you think they’re too far gone?

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