Arson Suspected In Supercars Fire

May 31, 2021 2 min read
Arson Suspected In Supercars Fire

The aftermath is awful…

Despite the best efforts of firefighters, 80 vehicles, many of them supercars, were burned in two storage sheds kept in the UK countryside. The inferno broke out late at night and looks to have spread quickly. A report details speculation that the cars are owned by a classic car dealer. Someone appears to have set fire to the two storage buildings which contained the vehicles in Over Peover village in Cheshire and the results look absolutely devastating.

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Among the charred remains is a Ferrari LaFerrari which is reportedly worth £1.2 million, the tail end absolutely incinerated. Another identifiable vehicle was a Jaguar E-Type and XJ. Reportedly, other cars lost in the fire were more Ferraris, Porsches, Minis, and Jaguars, among others.

photo credit: Facebook

An unnamed source told The Sun that almost all the cars kept in the storage were classics, so the total value of the damage must be immense. That person claimed many of the cars were “almost one of a kind.”

photo credit: Facebook

Hopefully, all of the vehicles in the two buildings were insured so the owner isn’t out all those assets. However, the loss in the market will be felt in the UK and perhaps elsewhere. With the history of the cars lost, the memory of them might follow before too long. In addition, values for certain models could see an increase, especially for those with only a few examples in the world.

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Police and firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire, but as noted before it appears to have been set deliberately. While theories can run wild about who would do such a thing, the fact is we know precious little about the owner and the situation, so that limits out ability to speculate at the moment.

Source: The Sun

photo credit: Facebook
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