Abandoned Morris Minor 1000 At Center Of Mystery

Sep 1, 2021 2 min read
Abandoned Morris Minor 1000 At Center Of Mystery

We know it’s named Mildred, and that’s about it…

Mildred, a maroon 1965 Morris Minor 1000 abandoned in a parking structure in the Hull, UK is at the center of a puzzling mystery. Like a barn find, Mildred is covered in dust, only someone or multiple people have been scrawling messages in the dust, likely scratching the classic car’s paint. Considering nobody seems to know who the owner of the vehicle is, it’s possible people feel like Mildred is now the community’s car.

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According to a local article, the MOT for the Morris Minor 1000 expired back in July of 2017. The car has likely been sitting unmoved since at least then, although it’s entirely possible it was parked well before. The multi-story parking garage located in King William House attracts commuters, shoppers, and tourists alike. Nobody seems able to recall when they first noticed the car gathering dust, probably because it happened so gradually.

Local journalists have looked up the registration info for the car, but that of course doesn’t provide them with information about the owner, which is the true mystery. However, they did find out the last time it was taxed was in June of 2019.

Adding fuel to the mystery is the presence of a thin, long object wrapped in brown plastic with black tape securing the wrapping, sitting in the backseat. Other clues include the “Mildred” sticker on the rear, plus a Leeds Grand de Parp sticker on a rear window. That means the owner at one point took the car to the Morris Minors Owners Club annual event, so why is it sitting abandoned now?

Considering well over 800,000 Morris Minor 1000s were made from 1956 to 1971, most people in the UK don’t view them as anything overly special. That might anger enthusiasts, but it’s doubtful the owner felt that way, considering the evidence.

Other theories exist. Perhaps the car’s owner died and the heirs of the estate don’t know where the vehicle was left. Maybe an heir does know where the car is located, but doesn’t want to bother with it. Or an ex-spouse hid the beloved car out of spite. Then there’s the theory this is some sort of art installation, something the area is apparently famous for. The fact the parking fees for the car have been paid this entire time, according to the company which owns the garage, makes that last theory even more plausible.

Sources: Hull Daily Mail, Express

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