Check out these heartbreaking photos of destroyed collector cars.

A scorn ex, rioters looking to make as much damage as possible, random criminals, it doesn't matter, car vandals suck! While we've seen quite a bit more nefarious automotive damage over the last few months, it's a trend that's plagued owners of dream cars for decades. Here are some of the hardest to look at vandalized collector cars across the internet.

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2015 Corvette

Image Via Copart

This Stingray was found on Copart after being vandalized with white paint. It only has 7,485 miles on the clock, and so much life left to live. Corvette Blogger speculates that the Trump bumper sticker on the rear could have caused the Corvette to become a target.

2014 Corvette

Image Via Stingray Forumas

From vandalized with paint, to vandalized with paint stripper, this Stingray had paint stripping gel thrown on it when it was brand new. The owner said it happened at her apartment complex, according to Stingray Forums.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Image Via YouTube

This poor Porsche was spotted on the streets of L.A. after rioters had their way with it. It went from being a beautiful sports car, to having anti-police graphetti sprayed all over it, and set on fire.

1970 Mercedes 280SE

Image Via eBay

It's hard to image a more innocent car to target than one in storage, but that's exactly what happened to this classic Benz. Once listed for sale on eBay, criminals targeted the car while it was tucked away in storage.

Multiple Luxury Cars in Oakland, CA

Via Mercedes Oakland dealership

A series of cars were targeted during recent riots at a Mercedes Oakland dealership. Several cars were set on fire, spray painted, had the windows busted out, or all of the above. This wasn't the only dealership that had issues with looters in the last few months.

1956 Studebaker

Image Via CBC

Thieves stole this 1956 Studebaker and a 1925 Ford Model T, before smashing out the windows and setting them on fire. A break in the case sever years later lead to two arrests, but it's miraculous that anyone was caught after so much time had passed.

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

So this just happened. At approximately 3:35 this morning, some disgusting piece of human feces threw fireworks through...

Posted by Brett Welcome on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vandals threw fireworks into this beautiful Stang, that belongs to a boy with a rare disability. You can read the full story about the 7-year-old's in the original post, and see the 1969 Mustang that replaced it on this page.

Rare Alpina Z8

Image Via YouTube

While not covered in sprayed with windows taken out with a bat, we'll count this rare Bimmer since it was crashed after being stolen. It was also found abandoned after the crash near a group of rioters, so something very nafarious went down here.

Chevy Camaro

This Camaro was part of a 36 car crime spree when it got its window based in back oin 2017. What's even more infuriating is, the car's owner points out that vandalism like this is only a misdemeanor.

Rare Lamborghini Huracan Avio

A rare Huracan Avio with key scratches on three sides... Live from Bruges. I am surprised by this. My sports cars have...

Posted by POG on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Three side of this rare supercar got keyed Belgium, as explained by a Facebook poster. There's no explanation to the motive, but sometimes people just vandalize nice cars out of jealously and spite.

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