Watch A Supra Build In 10 Minutes

Sep 1, 2021 2 min read
Watch A Supra Build In 10 Minutes

Do you like the results?

It seems like just about everyone wants to get their hands on a MKIV Supra ever since the first Fast and Furious movie was released. As the hero car in the movie, not only did the thing get to smoke a Ferrari and race Dominic’s Charger, it was also painted a loud orange and featured rocketman graphics to really dazzle the eyes. Apparently, that got everyone excited about owning one, and combined with the legendary nature of the 2JZ values today are ridiculously high.

Watch a MKIV Supra rescued from a field get a second chance here.

The more affordable route to owning a Toyota Supra these days is to snag a rough MKIII. They were the first model year to be completely independent of the Celica platform, and while they might lack the absolutely breathtaking performance of the MKIVs, at least you won’t have to sell off your firstborn just to afford one.

That’s what these guys did, and they had an idea to transform the somewhat ho-hum, beat-up sports car into something they thought would be special. Realizing it would be quite the process, they recorded the work. Later, for your viewing enjoyment, these guys strung together the highlights, sped them up, and made a build video which is only 10 minutes and 53 seconds long.

Yeah, it’s a little gimmicky, but if you don’t mind the music the video is pretty entertaining, maybe even relaxing. If you don’t like the music, just mute your computer or phone. Seriously, the video is interesting, especially since there isn’t a deluge of MKIII Supra build videos out there.

Not everyone is going to agree with the modifications done to this Supra. While some might love the OEM look of the MKIII, others probably find the fender flares, huge wing, front splitter, etc. to be off-putting. And that’s the great thing in car culture is we can agree to disagree sometimes.

Whatever you think of this build, you have to admit it’s impressive the guy did it all in his garage. This is yet another piece of evidence proving kids these days do like cars, despite what some might claim. Check out the video for yourself.

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