1993 Porsche 911 30th Anniversary Gets Thorough Detailing

Aug 7, 2021 2 min read
1993 Porsche 911 30th Anniversary Gets Thorough Detailing

Watching this is better than any meditation video…

Normal people relax to videos of some far away beach with soft music playing in the background, or maybe a fire crackling for hours on end. For gearheads, the better way is to watch a classic car get fully detailed, like this 1993 Porsche 911 30th Anniversary getting the treatment it deserves. There’s really nothing more satisfying than watching a good washing, paint correction, leather repair, and more.

image credit: YouTube

In this video, ProCarDetailing takes 150 hours of work put into this Porsche 964 and compresses it down to 5 and a half minutes. Honestly, they could do a longer version that’s 2 hours and that would be perfect for watching while falling asleep at night.

Absolutely no portion of this Porsche 911 is left untouched. The detailers remove the wheels and clean the brake calipers and hubs. They refinish all the light lenses. All the interior controls, steering wheel, arm rests, and everything else is gently brushed clean. They also revitalize all the plastic and rubber trim pieces – it’s amazing to see the results.

image credit: YouTube

Many purists consider the 964 to be one of the last “real” Porsche 911s since it was the second-to-last air-cooled generation. As a result, the 996 is detested by those same people, making it a bargain-friendly way to buy a 911. Everyone has an opinion on this, or so it seems, and that has made prices of any 964 absolutely skyrocket.

Even among 964s, the Anniversary models are highly sought-after. Porsche only made 911 of them to celebrate 30 years of everyone’s favorite German GT. Rarely do they change hands, so when one does become available it goes for big money, if it isn’t sold without any public announcement. This is why 150 hours were spent detailing the car, because it’s far from just another Porsche 964.

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