Barn Find First Wash: 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

Dec 16, 2020 2 min read
Barn Find First Wash: 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

After half a decade off the road, this classic station wagon is covered in a thick layer of dust.

We've all dreamed of discovering a barn find – a hidden gem, buried under layers of dirt, dust, and debris. The first task once you extricate the car from its agricultural tomb is, of course, to wash it off and see what you're working with.

Image Via IowaClassicCars/YouTube

No matter what you might find under decades of dust and bird droppings, we're certain that it's a satisfying experience for the owner. IowaClassicCars on YouTube must agree, and they were nice enough to bring us along for the journey.

Their latest find is this beautiful 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood station wagon. Even though it's only been five years since it was last washed, it looks as though it's been sitting for a century.

Image Via IowaClassicCars/YouTube

The 1959 Chevrolets are handsomely-styled machines, and this two-door station wagon is no different. As the story goes, it was rescued from behind a barn in 2014, and then it was driven for a year or so before the transmission (and the floorpans) gave out.

Now, it's being prepared to go into permanent indoor storage. A wash is a good first step in the process. Watching the water wash away years of accumulated dust is satisfying, especially considering that this car is black.

However, we are a bit disappointed that he couldn't be bothered to grab a wash mitt, a bucket, and some proper car was soap – or even a hose nozzle that's more effective than his finger.

Sure, this car needs a total restoration, but it deserves better. Here's hoping that its issues get fixed while it's in storage. We want to see this classic return to the road someday. Maybe then, he'll put in the effort to wash it properly!

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