1962 Corvette Crashes In The Netherlands

Jul 1, 2021 2 min read
1962 Corvette Crashes In The Netherlands

Oh, the pain!

Seeing any classic Corvette wrecked on the side of the road is painful, but this poor 1962 Chevrolet Corvette crashed in the Netherlands is enough to make us cry. While we greatly favor the C2 Corvettes for looks and performance, the C1 Corvette is still a beautiful, amazing sports car which started everything. Such a vehicle should be driven with care by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Check out a dad as he crashes his 1966 Corvette while trying to impress his daughter's boyfriend here.

The video included with this post just shows the aftermath of the crash, so we don’t get to see how it happened. However, the video description in Dutch does indicate it was a young man driving, although we don’t know how young he is or what kind of driving experience he has. Yes, there are some who assume anyone who’s young doesn’t know what they’re doing, but there are some highly-skilled, experienced younger drivers out there, so we just don’t know.

image credit: YouTube

In the video description it also states this was a single vehicle accident, so we’re guess somehow the driver lost control. For whatever reason, the C1 Corvette went off the highway and onto the sloped shoulder, rolled at least once, then came to a rest about a hundred feet or so from the road.

You can see the damage to the soft top and some deep ruts in the grass above where the 1962 Corvette came to rest. The hood is flipped up, but that might have been done after the accident since there’s no apparent damage to it. On the passenger side there’s damage to the rear fender and there’s a nice crack in the front fender. However, this crash could have had a far worse outcome. Unless there’s some hidden mechanical problems, the damage looks fairly easy to fix.

image credit: YouTube

If we had to guess, we’d have to say either the driver lost control of the C1 Corvette, then over corrected and went off the road or the car hydroplaned. However, those are just guesses and we have no way to confirm if they’re even remotely accurate. It’s also possible this crash was caused by a mechanical fault in the car, although that’s less likely. The lesson everyone needs to come in mind is you should stay on top of vehicle maintenance and drive defensively, avoiding panicking and jerking the steering wheel should you momentarily lose control.

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