Dad Crashes 1966 Corvette Trying To Impress Daughter’s Boyfriend

Nov 9, 2020 2 min read
Dad Crashes 1966 Corvette Trying To Impress Daughter’s Boyfriend

Think he was impressed?

Crashing a classic car must be heartbreaking. A regular crash is no fun, but to realize you’ve seriously damaged a vehicle you absolutely cherish and that’s worth a bundle of cash just has to feel awful. Even worse is when you do it with someone you’re trying to impress in the passenger seat, and even worse than that is when the whole thing is caught on camera, then uploaded to the internet for everyone to see. That’s what a man in Fayetteville, Georgia experienced and it’s painful to watch. Even worse, he did it all to impress his daughter’s boyfriend.

The incident, which took place back on April 10, is all captured on what looks to be a surveillance camera. The man says he took the C2 Corvette out of storage in his basement garage after it had sat there for 6 months, likely because the weather wasn’t nice enough for enjoying the sports car. The man decided to have his daughter’s boyfriend come along for the ride to the upstairs garage presumably to impress the kid – mistake one.

As the guy tells the story, once he backed out to the driveway from his basement garage, he decided to spin the ‘Vette’s tires on the way to the upstairs garage – mistake two. Without trying out the brakes before going down the slope of his front driveway – mistake three – he realized there was no brake pressure. The man pulled the emergency brake, which also didn’t work.

According to this guy, after making these three big mistakes, he had a quick choice to make: hit the Nissan 350Z and Dodge Challenger parked in his driveway, go through the fence and probably end up in the lake behind his house, or hit the house. He chose option three, crunching the front passenger fender on the brick. It’s enough to turn our stomach.

We really wish this was the first time we’ve reported on a father crashing a collector car while trying to impress his daughter’s boyfriend, but it’s not. An even worse crash in New Zealand was caused when a dad was hot dogging it in his Ford GT40 continuation because he so desperately needed the approval of his daughter’s boyfriend. What the hell happened to cleaning a shotgun in front of the guy while telling him to be respectful? Did these fathers not get the memo?

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