This might be the scariest ride along you’ll ever see.

An 1100-horsepower Audi RS3 is a scary thing, even when the car runs as it was designed. However, Kyle of YouTube channel 1320video had an even scarier ride-along in the highly-modified Audi when the brakes stopped working at 150 mph and a fire started in the engine compartment. Yep, it’s pretty much a code brown moment since they were on a downhill slope and while the German car was equipped with a parachute, the pin was in so it couldn’t be deployed.

Talk about a scary situation! It takes over 3 minutes for the Audi RS3 to slow down before they can safely get out, and it’s all thanks to an uphill slope. With the car stopped, the fire is able to really get going.

At the beginning the cameraman is talking to the owner of the Audi about how he has different wheels on the car. His explanation was that they “took a hit and started blowing bolts off of ‘em.” Then the cameraman asks if he “turned it down a little bit” and we’re assuming he’s talking about boost. The Audi owner indicates he actually turned it up instead. Then they laugh about that. In light of what happens later in the video, that might have been a bad decision, but hindsight is always 20/20.

What strikes us about this video isn’t just that the car caught fire or the brakes went out. It’s how incredibly calm everyone is watching this Audi RS3 burn on the highway. You would think the owner would be pretty upset and maybe he was, but he wasn’t expressing it at all. And you’d think everyone else would at least be exclaiming how crazy and dangerous the situation was, but they aren’t. It’s honestly pretty weird.

All in all, it seems like there’s a lesson to be learned here, or maybe a few. The most obvious one is that street racing is not only illegal, it can be incredibly dangerous. We won’t admit to or deny having done it in the past, but we will say it’s best to take it to the track where help is on hand for these kinds of situations.

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