Coolest Cars For Sale As April Rolls On

Apr 16, 2022 4 min read
Coolest Cars For Sale As April Rolls On

We check out some of the most interesting cars up for grabs right now!

The classic and collector car market is a fantastically diverse tapestry of vehicles from every breed and era. Delving into the classifieds reveals some real gems waiting to find a new home with both enthusiasts and serious collectors alike. Every week we’ll be highlighting the top cars in need of a new home that caught our eye.

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1991 FW-14 Is An F1 Racing Champion

Many of us enthusiasts grew up watching racing and dreaming of someday participating in the F1 series as a red-blooded open-wheel driver. Racers like Juan Manuel Fangio and Alberto Ascari inspired us all with their dedication to the sport in the 1950s, which is still talked about today. Rather than allowing thoughts of pessimism or negativity to cloud their minds, these legends pushed the odds of what human beings were capable of to come out on top. Nowadays, you might have the same opportunity to own your very own piece of F1 history and pave your way to racing on a track in a track-bred race car. So you should consider this high horsepower stallion for your next dream automobile.

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1933 Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod Is A Performance Master

Ford is known for its incredible performance on the American sales floor and drag strips across the nation. Many car enthusiasts dream of owning their own classic car, but these vehicles tend to have a significant problem. The issue plaguing most classic cars is the performance which typically falls far behind modern standards. For this reason, hot-rodded vehicles have become far more prevalent than in previous years as vintage car people search for a classic car that can keep up at the track. If that description sounds like your thought process when buying an older vehicle, this Ford might be for you.

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1933 Chrysler Imperial CL Close Coupled Sedan Is An Ultra-Rare Classic

Chrysler has made a massive reputation within the classic automotive collectors' community for its dedication to design and performance. As impressive as the modern models are, some people like to focus on the incredible past, which is full of models with more than enough performance to compete. Despite having experienced decades of decay and aging, some vintage vehicles have remained in good shape since their initial creation. This particular car is the perfect example and would be an excellent purchase for any classic automotive enthusiast who tastes high-class style. So what sets this vintage sedan apart from the sea of old Mopars?

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1965 Sunbeam Tiger Is A Small Beast

Small roadsters have been a Ford favorite since creating cars like the Thunderbird in the '50s and '60s. Eventually, the manufacturer moved toward pony cars and trucks, but the power plants still boasted the perfect setup for a small sports car on a mission to dominate the track. That's precisely how we got cars like the Shelby Cobra, which used one of Ford's most potent V8s to beat the Corvette. The Sunbeam Tiger was another great car that used the same layout to make a monstrous sports car. The incredible Carroll Shelby himself said that this car was so good that it needed to be unleashed rather than starting the vehicle. This adds up to an intense little vehicle nicknamed the "Baby Cobra," which fits the car quite well.

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1941 Ford Super Deluxe Is A Rare Wagon

Ford has made a reputation for itself in the United States for producing virtually every type of vehicle imaginable in its time manufacturing cars. From the small rigid trucks of the 1970s to the sleek pony cars of today, these automobiles were iconic for their style, utility, and performance. Like most manufacturers of its caliber, one of the most recognizable eras for the design came in its early years with the creation of cars like the Model-T. A few decades after their original hit car, Ford was operating full swing and making cars that could compete with Chevy and Chrysler. That is where this particular car comes into the picture. This wagon featured a recognizable name, pretty hefty power, and a style that is still considered highly unique. For these reasons, you should definitely consider this car for your next automotive purchase.

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1989 Porsche 930 Turbo Slantnose Is An Ultra Rare Masterpiece

The Porsche slant-nose design is such a highly regarded and sought-after design within the automotive collecting world that many auctioneers would jump for joy at selling one. It may be a very particular style, but to the special few who can truly appreciate these cars for what they are, they could be priceless. Enthusiasts first saw these legends completing blisteringly fast lap times at road racing courses across the globe. Today, it may seem obvious, but these cars were wickedly fast because of their aerodynamic design and high-performance engineering. Unfortunately, they can be tough to find nowadays, and the vehicle we are looking at now is no exception to that rarity.

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