1941 Ford Super Deluxe Is A Rare Wagon

Apr 13, 2022 2 min read
1941 Ford Super Deluxe Is A Rare Wagon

This car would be the perfect beach cruiser or classic car club member.

Ford has made a reputation for itself in the United States for producing virtually every type of vehicle imaginable in its time manufacturing cars. From the small rigid trucks of the 1970s to the sleek pony cars of today, these automobiles were iconic for their style, utility, and performance. Like most manufacturers of its caliber, one of the most recognizable eras for the design came in its early years with the creation of cars like the Model-T. A few decades after their original hit car, Ford was operating full swing and making cars that could compete with Chevy and Chrysler. That is where this particular car comes into the picture. This wagon featured a recognizable name, pretty hefty power, and a style that is still considered highly unique. For these reasons, you should definitely consider this car for your next automotive purchase.

The vehicle in question is a 1941 Ford Super Deluxe which, as you have surely noticed by now, is covered on either side with wood panels. While it wasn't uncommon to see this on a car in its era, the wood-panel design is highly-coveted in today's automotive collector community. This is primarily due to the volatile nature of wood and its potential for rotting, mold, and general wear compared to steel or even fiberglass car bodies. When you take those factors into account, it becomes clear that cars like this are scarce and hard to find in good condition. This leads us to the powertrain, which moves the perfectly preserved "Woodie" from place to place.

Under the hood of this classic beach cruiser is a stoic flathead V8 engine which carries a lot of significance in the traditional car community for being one of Ford's earliest models. While it's not clear if the engine is stock, or at least close to stock, but we do know that the options available in its day ranged from a mid-sized Flathead with 90 horsepower and a slightly larger engine with 95 horsepower. That was surprisingly quick for its day and is indeed enough to make driving the old legend a treat unlike any other. All of this adds up to an excellent case for why you should buy this car, and if it sounds right for you, it could be yours before you know it.

This car and many other great classic and collectible cars and trucks will be for sale at the Raleigh Classic Car Auction on May 6th and 7th. Visit raleighclassic.com to learn more about consigning your vehicle and bidder registration.

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