1933 Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod Is A Performance Master

Apr 14, 2022 2 min read
1933 Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod Is A Performance Master

This is an all-steel hot rod except the top boot!

Ford is known for its incredible performance on the American sales floor and drag strips across the nation. Many car enthusiasts dream of owning their own classic car, but these vehicles tend to have a significant problem. The issue plaguing most classic cars is the performance which typically falls far behind modern standards. For this reason, hot-rodded vehicles have become far more prevalent than in previous years as vintage car people search for a classic car that can keep up at the track. If that description sounds like your thought process when buying an older vehicle, this Ford might be for you.

This 1933 Ford Cabriolet has all of the awesome things we've expected in our vintage vehicles. Some of these include the rolling fender, indicative of the 1930s styling, and the steel body, which only shows one area of fiberglass present on top of the boot. The last detail alone is enough for most hot rodders to understand the value of this car, as most racers chopped up the body panels of their vehicles. However, there is one significant benefit to buying this car that others in its class certainly couldn't compete with. That attribute has to do with the engine built by an experienced automotive enthusiast.

Under the dual folding hood of this steel-bodied masterpiece is a powerful 350 ci Chevrolet V8 engine which boasts a powerful output and sturdy build quality. That engine makes the car unique, as is the case for all hot rods whose primary focus is performance. You'll never be at a loss when that's what you're looking for in this car supported by the 700 R4 Overdrive transmission. That transmission is also backed by an intense Ford 8" rear end making it the perfect hotrod for a classic automotive enthusiast with an appreciation for Ford performance.

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