1965 Sunbeam Tiger Is A Small Beast

Apr 14, 2022 3 min read
1965 Sunbeam Tiger Is A Small Beast

This car is the perfect British roadster for an enthusiast with a passion  for speed.

Small roadsters have been a Ford favorite since creating cars like the Thunderbird in the '50s and '60s. Eventually, the manufacturer moved toward pony cars and trucks, but the power plants still boasted the perfect setup for a small sports car on a mission to dominate the track. That's precisely how we got cars like the Shelby Cobra, which used one of Ford's most potent V8s to beat the Corvette. The Sunbeam Tiger was another great car that used the same layout to make a monstrous sports car. The incredible Carroll Shelby himself said that this car was so good that it needed to be unleashed rather than starting the vehicle. This adds up to an intense little vehicle nicknamed the "Baby Cobra," which fits the car quite well.

Under the hood is a powerful 260 ci V8 engine, the same displacement as the first powerhouse to grace the Shelby Cobra. Combine the fact that this car was a bit more refined, and you have a car that would blow the tires off any competitor on the drag strip with style and class. But, of course, this Sunbeam Tiger started as a prototype from the great Carroll Shelby, which competed against a similar model from Ken Miles. That means that it was built almost entirely to focus on the experience of driving from a mechanical engineering perspective. This is supported by the four-speed manual transmission, which makes running through gears and handling tight corners enjoyable.

With the incredible powertrain, you also get the tastefully crafted British exterior design that combines the straight body lines of a European roadster with performance from America's most prominent power maker. With this style on your side, it'll beat anything on the street that garners as much attention for excited on-lookers. Overall, this car is a beautiful middle ground between hard-hitting performance and smooth high-class design. You should buy this scarce Ford V8-powered British roadster performance car, and you can as part of the Spring Carlisle Collector Car Auction in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The Spring Carlisle Collector Car Auction runs April 21-22 at the Carlisle Expo Center (100 K St. in Carlisle, PA).

This exciting live auction event runs in conjunction with Spring Carlisle, the world's largest automotive swap meet which is held on April 20-24 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds (1000 Bryn Mawr Rd. in Carlisle, PA).

The Auction starts at 12 p.m. daily with pre-inspection available.

The Spring Carlisle Auction includes 400+ lots spanning all eras of automotive production with most lots selling at a reasonable price point for the first-time collector or those looking for a new vehicle to grow their collection.

By popular demand, an all-truck hour is planned for the event on April 21st at 4 p.m.. You can see the vehicles for sale here.

The best part is the reciprocating admission. See the auction and attend Spring Carlisle for one great price!

Carlisle Auctions has THREE ways to bid and buy – in person, on the phone and online. Call 717-960-6400 to learn more about consigning for the auction or to register to bid.

Register to Bid- Save $50 and use Promo Code SpeedDigital (includes guest).

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