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Online car dealerships Carvana and Vroom are in hot water over operation failures that caused consumers major problems. Washington state seems to be preparing for $10 gas, while gas shortages are being reported across the country. We revisit the history of the Toyota Supra, and talk about the current generation Supra. Plus, we read your comments, and reveal this week’s inventory picks. Watch for yourself:


Carvana, Vroom Are In Serious Trouble

For some time, upstarts Carvana and Vroom have been transforming how thousands of Americans buy their cars. Focusing on internet sales and non-traditional delivery methods, these chains enamored cynical consumers who were tired of the old dealership games. However, the revolution seems to be losing steam as problems for both companies accumulate. The question moving forward is will Carvana and Vroom be able to weather the storm, or is this curtains for the new kids on the block?

Read the full story here.

Three Cars Stolen From Magnuson Superchargers

Update: We've reached out to Magnuson to get the full update, but according to their social media, all cars have been recovered.

Original story:

Someone broke into the Detroit Magnuson Superchargers facility, stealing two drag racing cars and a track racing car. According to authorities, the cars were located at the shop on Executive Drive in Westland, MI. Now the shop owners and police are on the search for the pricey race cars

The two cars stolen are estimated to be worth around $200,000 to $250,000. Two of the cars belong to the owner and the third car belonged to a customer. A nearby business has surveillance of the thieves, which has not yet been released to the public.

Read the full original story here.

Washington State Braces For $10.00 A Gallon Gas

Back on May 17 we reported that AAA data indicated the national average price for gas hit $4.52. Here we are about a week out and that’s now a fading distant memory as the national average is $4.59. In other words, the price of gas looks to be going like a runaway freight train. That explains the reports out of Washington state that gas stations there are adding an extra digit to the digital displays on pumps. Yes, $10.00 a gallon gas looks to be a reality in the near future.

Read the full original story here.

Ohio Police Chase Horse-Drawn Buggy

Back on May 14, the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio was involved in one of the most unusual police chases we’ve ever seen. Instead of this incident involving a high-speed pursuit of a Hellcat or Corvette, the suspect used a horse and buggy. And while it was anything but quick, there was still a collision and plenty of drama.

The whole incident began when a call came into dispatch about a wrong-way driver on US 322 by Midway Chevrolet. Deputies responded to find a horse and buggy, which didn’t stop once one of the cruisers activated its emergency lights.

Deputies couldn’t see anyone in the buggy, so they were wondering if it was the case of a runaway horse, so they shined a spotlight but still couldn’t tell. That’s when a deputy parked his cruiser and tried to get the horse to stop, but the horse kept going and the low-speed chase was on.

Read the full story here.

Modern Interpretation Of 1970 Chevelle Polarizes

You probably already know Trans Am Woldwide for its interpretation of the classic Pontiac Trans Ams made out of modern Chevy Camaros. The Tallahassee, Florida shop is back at it again, this time revealing the 70/SS, a modern spin on the classic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Some people are super excited for this car, while others aren’t so into it.

As you can see, elements of the ’70 Chevelle are present, including the four round headlights, square grille, bulging fenders, and a more rounded rear fascia. Even more exciting, the base engine is a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 with 450-horsepower on tap. The second trim comes with a Magnuson supercharged paired to a 396 V8, and for the ultimate version there’s an LS6/X 454 V8 pumping out an earth-shattering 1,500-hp. That, right there, could me enough to melt away any reservations you might have about minor cosmetic details.

Read the full story here.

Learn The History Of The Toyota Supra

Even if you’re not a fan of Japanese performance cars, whether they’re JDM or not, chances are you likely have at least a healthy respect for the Toyota Supra. The sports coupe has won many over with its ability to take well to extreme modifications as well as unbelievable durability thanks to the overbuilt and legendary 2JZ.

Now it’s time to learn about the history of the Toyota Supra, read here.

Inventory picks:

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

See it here.

1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

See it here.

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