Washington State Braces For $10.00 A Gallon Gas

May 27, 2022 2 min read
Washington State Braces For $10.00 A Gallon Gas

And multiple stations nationwide are running out of fuel…

Back on May 17 we reported that AAA data indicated the national average price for gas hit $4.52. Here we are about a week out and that’s now a fading distant memory as the national average is $4.59. In other words, the price of gas looks to be going like a runaway freight train. That explains the reports out of Washington state that gas stations there are adding an extra digit to the digital displays on pumps. Yes, $10.00 a gallon gas looks to be a reality in the near future.

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Some claim the extra digits added to fuel pumps in Washington doesn’t have to do with gas prices at all. They point out the stations in question sell racing fuel, which sells for over $10.00 a gallon. Besides, AAA still indicates California leads the nation for the state’s average gas price at $6.06 a gallon, so if anyone will hit $10 a gallon first it will be the Golden State. Washington trails at an average $5.20 a gallon, although all these averages will likely be much higher in a month.

The economic toll of gas prices essentially doubling from their already sky-high prices would be devastating. As we’ve stated before, even if you think buying a $70,000 electric vehicle will save you from pain at the pump, you’ll still have to pay higher prices for pretty much everything. Gas and diesel are used by vehicles to plant and harvest crops, transport raw goods to factories, transport processed goods to stores, transport construction crews to jobsites, and so much more. Plus, many products you use daily are produced using petroleum.

Even worse, The Post Millennial ran a story reporting that multiple stations across the country are running out of fuel. We personally have witnessed this phenomenon. Hopefully it’s just people panic buying in a few select areas and it isn’t a systemic shortage of fuel. Plans for the federal government to add price caps could lead to fuel shortages, something this country has seen in the past.

Source: The Post Millennial

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