Dodge Charger Thief Can’t Handle Some Stairs

May 31, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Charger Thief Can’t Handle Some Stairs

Maybe try hitting the gym more?

Yet another Dodge Charger was stolen in Atlanta, leading to a police chase through busy streets. This happens all the time in cities all over the US, but this pursuit was different. Ultimately, the driver ended up falling down some stairs as he tried to get away, thanks in no small part to a high-tech system the Atlanta Police Department is now using.

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Running from the cops has always been a bad idea. The old saying is you might be able to outrun a patrol car but you won’t outrun a Motorola. These days police have more at their disposal than just a radio. In Atlanta, they have a chopper to be an eye in the sky, which really helps with chases. But it’s what’s onboard that really makes a difference.

The Atlanta Police Department’s Air Unit called Phoenix has an advanced mapping system onboard. Instead of the pilot or copilot trying to memorize streets and keep orientations correctly to relay information to officers on the ground, the system labels everything. That means less confusion, no wrong directions or mistakes on street names.

In this situation, the Dodge Charger thieves can’t shake the police on their tail. They end up crashing head-on into another car after taking a turn wide. With law enforcement right on top of them, they jump out and make a run for it. The driver tries hopping a fence, realizing he can’t make it over in time, so he opts to dash across the street to some stairs, but he can’t manage those either. Stumbling down the steps, the guy falls on the ground and the chase is over.

Give credit to the Georgia State Patrol for being the ones on the ground chasing this guy. They kept up and when it came down to a foot chase, they proved that law enforcement officers who are in shape make all the difference. Fortunately, the car thief wasn’t so quick or coordinated on his feet, bringing the whole situation to a hilarious close.

Check it out for yourself.

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