Here are the criminal stories which really grabbed our attention…

Crime, unfortunately, has been all too common in the past two years or so. While 2021 didn’t bring with it violent riots like we saw during the summer of 2020, there were still plenty of shocking crimes going on. Without further ado, these are the most shocking ones from the past year.

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Car Thieves Hide Under The Cover Of Texas Power Outages

Back in February the freak blizzard which slammed Texas and resulted in absolute chaos, cutting off electricity to a shocking number of households and businesses was huge news. While people were concerned about people who were stranded, cold, and without food, criminals didn’t let the disaster go to waste.

Some thieves smashed through the glass doors of a dealership in San Antonio, stealing two Dodge Chargers and several other cars. Since the power was out, the security system and cameras weren’t working.

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Detroit Woman Drags Car Thief By His Hair

If you’ve had a car stolen, you’ve likely fantasized about getting even with the jerks who took your property. Even if the vehicle was covered by insurance, you might have lost some personal belongings in it, plus dealing with insurance is a pain, not to mention shopping for a new car. One woman in Detroit did more than just fantasizing and it was epic.

This woman tracked down the man she believed stole her Mercedes-Benz and drug him out of a barber shop by his hair. She had tried doing things the right way before but was frustrated by the lack of results.

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Man Arrested After Shooting At Car Thieves

Getting even with car thieves can be satisfying, but if you live in the wrong place it can get you in criminal trouble. Evan Wexler learned that the hard way after he shot at some car thieves who had broken into his estate and were trying to take off in his Mercedes G-Wagen.

Wexler claims to have endured at least 25 car theft attempts, with the criminals caught only once. His beloved Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was successfully stolen, too. The man had enough, but police and prosecutors didn’t seem to understand his frustration.

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Corvette Driver Shot For Not Street Racing

We all know street racing is dangerous, not only for those who engage in such activities but also for others on the road. For those and more reasons, many people just won’t participate in a street race and that’s supposed to keep everyone safe. Only that wasn’t the case back in October.

A man in his 2005 Chevy Corvette was shot in the early morning hours in Memphis, Tennessee by some men in a New Edge Mustang. The reason was that the Corvette driver didn’t want to race.

It’s truly a bizarre story you can read here.

Street Racers Kill 11-Year-Old Girl

It’s always horrific when someone dies in a street race, but it’s even worse when that someone is an innocent bystander. The fact that an 11-year-old girl riding in the backseat of a Toyota RAV4 was killed when a 17-year-old racing in a Kia Optima plowed into the back end of the crossover was something we found particularly disturbing.

The other street racing kid was driving a Dodge Charger and reportedly both teens were more concerned about the damage to their precious vehicles than the fact a child was dead and the two adults in the front seat of the Toyota were seriously injured. Selfish doesn’t even begin to describe their attitude.

Read more about this shocking story here.

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