Young Lamborghini Owner Blames Crash On A Cow

Feb 14, 2024 2 min read
Young Lamborghini Owner Blames Crash On A Cow

He won the Huracan in a lottery…

There’s a reason why some studies have concluded a third of lottery winners eventually go bankrupt. Not a lot of people can handle having a sudden windfall of money, especially when all they had to do is buy a lotto ticket to get it. The same could be said for winning a high-powered supercar like a Lamborghini Huracan, something a 24-year-old won in a UK lottery.

Watch a valet crash two ultra-rare Lamborghinis here.

Shortly after Gran Burnett won the Lambo he wrecked it, blaming the accident on a cow. Not a literal cow, just a person whom Burnett said rear-ended the Huracan as he was out driving, causing him to lose control and wreck out.

Naturally, once news and especially photos of the crash damage hit social media, people came out in droves to criticize Burnett. Some claimed he was driving at excessive speeds, being reckless, and essentially got what was coming to him.

Burnett has been taking all the criticism of his crash with all the grace one would expect, calling his detractors on social media “jealous rats.” He also pointed out the Lamborghini Huracan “would have crumbled” if he was going as fast as claimed.

The thing is damage to the vehicle does look pretty extensive. Burnett says he paid for 12 months of insurance, but we have no idea what kind of coverage he got for the Lambo. Hopefully he doesn’t walk away with significant financial damage, although physically he said he only felt a little sore after the accident.

Whatever happened in this situation, we can say with confidence most people couldn’t handle driving a Huracan on a regular basis. It’s probably a good thing they’re not plentiful vehicles for that reason alone, because some drivers seem to go hog wild in their underpowered Kia as it is. Also, the saying easy come easy go seems sadly to apply here, just like lotto winners who get the cash and end up penniless shortly after.

Source: Daily Mail

Images via Facebook

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