You’ll never believe the reason for this heresy…

It’s never fun to see a perfectly good car crushed, whether it’s to make a piece of furniture, some artistic statement, or out of pure spite. What’s even more painful is when the vehicle is something rare and expensive. Worse yet is if the car is yours and you have plenty of sentimental value stored up in it. That was the case with this Ferrari 458 Spider which was recently crushed by police in the UK and the reason for the mayhem is just plain idiotic.

Normally, destroying property has something to do with keeping someone from using a thing which otherwise might only cause harm. You can argue all day long about what kinds of objects might fall into that category, but a Ferrari isn’t one of them. What’s more, the police filed with the court for the right to crush the car for a far different reason.

Initially, police took the car from the owner because they thought it was stolen. That’s when the owner filed through the courts to get it back since he claimed he had obtained the Ferrari legally through an auction. Instead of getting his day before the judge, the police had filed paperwork already for permission to just crush the car.

The reason police felt it needed to be destroyed was twofold. First, the Ferrari 458 Spider wasn’t insured. We’re not really sure how the police in the UK deal with such things, but here you get a citation for not having insurance and maybe your car gets impounded, but it isn’t crushed out of spite.

Second, the police claimed the Ferrari wasn’t roadworthy. We don’t have the details why, but to just crush it instead of giving the owner a chance to fix whatever is wrong seems extremely heavy-handed. Now the owner has nothing to show for all the money saved to buy it.

Watch the video if you can stomach it – honestly, it’s difficult to see such a machine destroyed and know it’s for no good reason.

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