This Tesla Uses A V8 Engine

Mar 12, 2024 2 min read
This Tesla Uses A V8 Engine

Sacrilege never sounded better…

Dropping a V8 gas-burning engine into a Tesla Model S is one of the most non-controversial LS swaps we might ever cover. Well, it will be controversial among the electric car fanboys, but for most gearheads this is a pretty sweet hybridization of two American auto brands. Although, we can also bet not many enthusiasts have fantasized about such a build before.

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Can you just imagine the looks of shock when you climb into this Tesla in a parking lot, press the ignition button, and a growling American V8 springs to life? Then the thing burbles as you pull out of the parking space, viciously declaring it’s an ICE vehicle as you merge into traffic on the road.

image credit: YouTube

As you’ll see in the video, this engine swap is pretty involved. After all, there aren’t exactly conversion kits for sale online, so a fair amount of fabrication work is necessary. When they finally get the gas-burning Tesla running, it’s an emotional moment for all involved, which is easy to understand why.

The Tesla Model S is notoriously heavy, tipping the scale at upwards of almost 5,000 lbs. A good portion of the curb weight is from the batteries located in the chassis, but removing those and the electric motor(s) to install a 6.2-liter V8 might actually result in a net loss of weight. Sure, more of the weight will inevitably be located toward the nose, but this LS engine looks to be shoved back far enough it sits no further than the front axle.

image credit: YouTube

Before the Tesla crowd freaks out about someone desecrating a perfectly good electric car, know this was a junked Model S. Having been flooded almost up to the roof, the motors and batteries were history. Rich Rebuilds yanked the electric powertrain and went to work wedging the LS V8 into the frunk space. Although, it’s worth noting some of the parts did come from a Model S which was mercilessly beaten and burned by another YouTuber (watch the video for details on that).

While this build isn’t quite done, we can’t wait to see what it can do on the road and track. We’re also eagerly awaiting a Hellcat swap on Tesla Roadster or maybe a Model 3. Now that would be truly sweet.

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