15-Year-Old Boy Crashes Family Dodge Challenger

Mar 12, 2024 1 min read
15-Year-Old Boy Crashes Family Dodge Challenger

Oh boy, this is bad!

Taking your mom’s Camry for a joyride without permission is definitely a bad idea, but it’s an even worse idea to take the family muscle car out for a spin. Even worse is when you take your parents’ vehicle for a ride and don’t have a license, then you crash it. According to a report out of Fresno, California, that’s exactly what a 15-year-old boy did recently.

This accident could’ve been far worse, like this one involving teens in a Mustang.

Fresno Police told local media that on the evening of September 28, the teenage boy took the family Dodge Challenger out for a drive before losing control of the Mopar muscle car and slamming it nose-first into a tree. The photo of the wreck is gut-wrenching to say the least and we’re sure the kid is in a world of hurt now.

Reportedly, the teen was driving in southeast Fresno at about 5:30 pm when the Challenger “left the roadway… drove up a sidewalk and crashed into the tree.” If we had to guess, and we’re just guessing since we can’t see tire marks and such at the scene of the accident, it’s likely the kid didn’t know how to handle the Dodge’s power and he torque steered right off the road, panicked, didn’t know how to get the muscle car back onto the road, and hit the tree at speed.

Luckily, like the teen wasn’t seriously hurt in the crash. Police found him walking about two blocks from the accident. However, that doesn’t mean he’s alright. After all, his parents probably have some pretty stiff punishment in store. Something tells us he won’t be getting his driver’s license or his own vehicle anytime soon.

Also, the 15-year-old could be facing several charges, which might include driving without a license as well as hit and run.

Source and image: Fresno Bee

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