Streetside Classics Helps Single Mom In Need

Nov 12, 2020 1 min read
Streetside Classics Helps Single Mom In Need

It’s great to see the auto industry do the right thing.

The coronavirus-related shutdowns have been incredibly hard on a lot of people. Some have lost their job, unfortunate people have lost their business to senseless vandalism, and others have fallen victim to the increase in car thefts. A single mom in North Carolina was in a tight spot when she lost her job, wasn’t getting benefits, and was facing eviction. That’s when classic car dealer Streetside Classics stepped up and did the right thing.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that this woman hadn’t received her stimulus check from the government, especially since she lost her manufacturing job and was evicted. When she called to find out what happened, she found out she was the victim of identity theft. 2020 certainly has been a year full of scams and other criminal activity.

Since the mom hadn’t received unemployment or her stimulus check, the dealer decided to give her $2,200 to make up for what she had coming from the federal government but hadn’t received. Robert Mueller, vice president of sales and marketing for Streetside, made the decision to help after seeing a local news report about the woman’s predicament, found her on Facebook, and made the offer.

Mueller hopes his kind deed doesn’t get him praise, but instead inspires others to help out others who are struggling in these difficult times. We hope it does since it’s easy to lose faith in humanity when everyone acts uncaring and self-consumed.

Some people have the incorrect notion that car enthusiasts are all selfish, entitled people who only care about cars instead of people. Sadly, we think this might be perpetuated by those who call themselves enthusiasts while breaking the law. For that reason, we’re more than happy to help spread the news of a classic car dealership doing a good deed in these difficult times.

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