Speeding Dodge Charger Flips Chevy Silverado

Sep 13, 2021 2 min read
Speeding Dodge Charger Flips Chevy Silverado

This is what happens when Mopar meets GM…

A dramatic crash scene unfolded in Trotwood, Ohio on September 1 when a Dodge Charger going a “high rate of speed” slammed into a Chevy Silverado at an intersection, pushing the truck into another vehicle before it flipped onto its roof. In the chaotic aftermath of the collision, the Dodge Charger driver reportedly tried to run away on foot, however police had responded and were able to arrest the person.

See another time a Mopar muscle car flipped a Silverado recently here.

According to the written report of the accident, the Silverado driver ran a red light, then was struck by the speeding Dodge Charger. However, a broadcast version of the local news story indicated that it was the Dodge driver who ran a red light. We’re not sure which is correct, which would change things slightly.

Whichever way it is, if you’re involved in a crash, you’re not supposed to run away. Why the Charger driver bolted wasn’t indicated, but it’s possible that person has warrants or another good reason to not want to talk with police. If that’s the case, perhaps driving extra carefully instead of speeding would’ve been a good idea, but criminals oftentimes aren’t known for making good life decisions.

Surprisingly, there was zero indication in the local report that the Dodge was stolen, so that’s at least somewhat surprising. Considering Mopars have become many thieves’ favorite targets, thanks in part to security which can easily be exploited, combined with the cool looks and wonderful performance on tap. For now, it appears the only crimes committed were speeding as well as a hit and run.

Thankfully, the driver of the pickup wasn’t injured in any life-threatening ways, something which definitely is a concern in any rollover accident.

For now the entire accident is still under investigation.

Source: WDTN

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