Dodge Hellcat Flips Chevy Silverado In Colorado

Feb 12, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Hellcat Flips Chevy Silverado In Colorado

It’s Mopar vs GM and only one will win…

In just a split second a Dodge Challenger Hellcat leaving a Cars & Coffee event in Loveland, Colorado crashed, flipping a new Chevrolet Silverado onto its roof. These sorts of things just keep happening at car meets. While the joke used to be that it was always a Ford Mustang, it seems more often than not it’s a Mopar, whether a Dodge Charger or Challenger, and it’s not a good look for the car enthusiast hobby.

For a short moment after the wreck, everyone pretty much just stood on the sidewalks or maybe slightly out in the road. Some were still filming the crash and others seemed to be frozen with shock. Then multiple people streamed over to see if anyone was hurt, although some just got closer to get some cool footage to upload.

image credit: YouTube

Funny enough, not many people were up for checking on the Hellcat driver. We get why, but what if there was the off chance the guy suffered a medical emergency and that’s why he crashed? It’s not likely, but you just never know.

From a video taken by the driveway where the Hellcat is exiting, you can see the Ford Fiesta was definitely coming up on the Silverado in a hurry. We’re not sure what the speed limit is on the road, but assuming the truck was going at or near the limit, that would mean the Ford hatchback was speeding.

image credit: YouTube

Although we doubt it, the argument could be made the Hellcat driver hit it to get out of the way of the speeding Fiesta, but we think he was just trying to look cool for the crowd. The Ford driver didn’t stick around but instead swerved around the crash and took off. We’re not saying the Ford was at fault, just noticing nobody is even talking about its close involvement with the crash. It’s definitely worth noting police already cited the Hellcat driver for reckless driving, but one must remember in our system there’s an assumption of innocence until proven guilty.

It looks like the Hellcat will be totaled and it’s likely the Silverado is as well. A local report stated that one person was transported to the hospital with minor injuries With all the footage shot of the crash, the insurance companies are going to have a fun time with hashing things out.

image credit: YouTube

Check out the videos for yourself (warning: strong language in some of them).

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