Son Restores His Parents’ Beloved Muscle Car

Jul 10, 2021 2 min read
Son Restores His Parents’ Beloved Muscle Car

Looks like he was raised right.

It’s hard to let a beloved old car go, even if it’s in bad shape. That’s why this couple in Australia kept the Ford Falcon XA Superbird they purchased brand new in 1973, even after it was in a rollover crash and sat on their farm for two decades. We’ve featured many cars which have sat in the elements, rotting away, which is a sight that saddens and even angers enthusiasts. Thankfully, this story involves the Ford getting a full restoration thanks to the son.

Tommy decided his parents’ muscle car had sat in a state of disrepair more than long enough. He took on the restoration work and took five years to complete it. When all was said and done, he dropped $106,300 breathing life into the vehicle. Not everyone has those kinds of financial means, but if you do it’s a great way to spend the money.

Part of what made the restoration work so long was the painstaking attention to correct details. If you’ve restored a car and cared about accuracy, you know it’s a far more involved process filled with delays and puzzles.

This wasn’t just any car, it was the family vehicle. Tommy and his siblings had a lot of precious memories tied to it. As you can see in the video, when he shows the restored Superbird to his parents it’s an emotional moment.

As Americans, we’re obviously not that familiar with the Superbirdthat isn’t a Mopar. However, it’s obvious the setup was made for fun performance. An Australian Ford 302ci 4V Cleveland V8 provides plenty of power. Helping keep that in check is a 3-speed Cruisomatic transmission, plus a rear end with differential and 2.92:1 ratio.

What really makes this Australian muscle car impressive to everyone is the factory color called Lime Glaze. Tommy’s parents purchased this car with power disc brakes, a sport handling suspension, and rear louvres already installed. The black vinyl interior has also been restored to its factory condition. That includes seatbelts, the sport console, carpeting, and other optional equipment.

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