Watch These DIY Cosmetic Restoration Tips

Mar 26, 2020 2 min read
Watch These DIY Cosmetic Restoration Tips

A lot of people have time on their hands these days, so why not gussy up your ride?

Thanks to the novel coronavirus spread in the United States and elsewhere, plenty of people are spending a lot of time at home. Instead of wasting your time watching Netflix or seeing how many gummy bears you can stick to the ceiling, do something useful and restore your aging car. You might not have a 1967 Shelby GT500 or something else quite as vintage, but as the guy in the video below demonstrates with his Chevy Corvette C5, even newer cars can benefit from some cosmetic restoration work.

In this video, the guy’s Chevrolet C5 has high miles and sat outside for the past eight years, so it’s not looking quite as shiny these days. The car is the perfect candidate for a light refreshing both inside and out. While it’s fun to watch someone scrub clean a vehicle which looks like it’s been through hell, that doesn’t really help if you have a ride that’s more like this one.

Among the things wrong with this ‘Vette is faded paint on areas like the side mirrors, swirls in the finish, faded paint on the wiper arms, and brake dust buildup on the wheels. This guy addresses the problems with his car over four days’ time.

Even more importantly, all the work is done on a tight budget. You might already have some of the supplies he uses in your garage, or you can easily track them down online or at your local automotive store.

Granted, this guy does use a body shop to repaint his side mirrors and wiper arms, but such simple jobs shouldn’t cost much, as you can see when he totals everything up at the end of the video. If you’re looking at fading paint on a larger section of your car, that will increase your spending accordingly, so beware. But there are some good tips in the video if you’re not sure where to begin on your cosmetic restoration.

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