Dangerous Drivers Do Smokey Donuts In Seattle For Over An Hour, Injuring And Endangering Many

Sep 28, 2020 2 min read
Dangerous Drivers Do Smokey Donuts In Seattle For Over An Hour, Injuring And Endangering Many

And of course, multiple people were hit.

Multiple reports flooded in over the weekend of a large group watching drivers perform smokey donuts in the street in front of the Space Needle in Seattle. Multiple spectators who were crowded around watching and cheering on the drivers were hit by the cars, and it happened more than once. Clips of the stunt were posted on Twitter.

This incident took place on September 26 at night. Thanks to riots, the police already had their hands full and reportedly weren’t able to respond for over an hour. When they did arrive, thanks to roads clogged by parked vehicles, they couldn’t reach the gathering for several minutes.

As you can see in the included videos, most of the drivers weren’t being the least bit cautious. In fact, the driver of the red Ford Mustang which hit several people in the crowd had a friend hanging out driver’s window, with only his right leg inside the car, presumably to help with weight transfer during the stunt. That accident might have been worse if the Mustang hadn’t hit a parked car, stopping it from sliding into even more people.

In another video, you can see a red Chevy Camaro ripping donuts while a guy hangs out the driver’s window and another hangs out of the partially open trunk. It eventually hits a guy who’s standing right in the middle of the open circle, probably so he could get some sick video of the muscle car roasting rubber. Remember kids, safety first!

At other points, two vehicles were performing donuts simultaneously to wow the sizable crowd. That led to even more near misses, especially between the two vehicles.

Right after one person was hit by a car, a white Chevy Camaro with black hood and fender stripes began ripping donuts, because the show must go on. It blew one of the rear tires in the process. Then the police showed up. While others hurriedly sped away in their cars like a scene out of a Fast and Furious movie, a group was frantically trying to change a flat tire on the white Camaro.

Pretty much every enthusiast has done something dumb in a car. What makes you smart is you learn from the stupid move. That, and you usually don’t do it on a crowded street, or even worse where there’s a crown of people standing nearby. We don’t know if these guys (and possibly gals) are really car enthusiasts or just idiots with the keys to some performance cars, but they obviously still haven’t learned this valuable lesson.

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