Tyler Hoover Uses Prius Steering In His 1966 Mustang

Jan 14, 2021 1 min read
Tyler Hoover Uses Prius Steering In His 1966 Mustang

This is about what we’ve come to expect from the man…

Tyler Hoover is admittedly a complete goofball. The famous YouTuber constantly makes fun of himself and his “dumbest multi-million dollar car collection in the world.” The man constantly scoops up the cheapest examples of some pretty desirable cars, then chronicles how many problems they have, all for our entertainment. Now, he’s gone one step further and installed a Toyota Prius electric power steering system into his 1966 Shelby GT350 tribute car. At least he isn’t ruining an actual Shelby.

According to Hoover, he’s just not “manly enough” to manhandle the only pony car through turns in the road. Sure, the guy could give his noodle arms a workout by lifting some weights, but where’s the entertainment value in that? It’s so much more interesting to install components from the one car enthusiasts love to hate.

The Shelby GT350 tribute car still has manual brakes and a manual transmission, but now thanks to a donor Prius the steering is assisted. Instead of using a vintage power steering system or installing an expensive rack and pinion upgrade, Hoover and his mechanic settled on a cheaper and arguably more practical solution which no doubt will anger purists.

Considering as of the writing of this article the Hoovies Garage video chronicling this questionable decision has accumulated over 400,000 views on YouTube, we think Hoover has achieved his actual goal. This is obviously a stunt meant to offend and captivate people.

If you watch the video, Hoover gives updates on several cars he has in the shop, including the Mustang. The man has to be making some serious money off his YouTube videos to pay for the constant repairs, and it’s kind of his shtick, but it’s still jaw-dropping seeing all the work being done on his fleet.

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